Artist: Hermie Stipps

Medium: Acrylic on board

Size: 40x30cms

Hermie Stipps was born in Paarl in 1950. He initially trained as a sign writer but turned to full time art a few years ago. He paints landscapes and scenes of fishermen, farm labourers and other working people. His painting documents the varied homes of the people of the Western Cape. ┬áThe images of the Bo-Kaap are representative of a specific Cape Town area where residents have used bright colours to paint their homes. Originally these homes were slave quarters but have been restored by the community. Stipps has also used the Cape Dutch homes found in the smaller communities of the Western Cape. The style was prominent in the 17th century of the Cape Colony, and the name derives from the fact that the initial settlers of the Cape were primarily Dutch. Over time these houses were extended to include extra rooms and slave quarters. They commonly feature ornately rounded gables, whitewashed walls and thatched roofs. Stipps’ treatment of these homes explores the contemporary community and descendants of slavery in the Western Cape.

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